Goods inspection process


Guidance on the goods inspection procedure

Inspection request form is a documented commitment between the requestor and the inspection service provider. In case of demand on inspection, please send your inspection request form to CAFECONTROL:

1/ Types of acceptable request forms

●        Inspection request form issued by CAFECONTROL

●        Inspection application made by domestic and foreign organization/individual.

●        Inspection request form of airlines, shipping lines and owners of means of transportation…

●        Inspection request form issued by customs, police, court… serving missions of competence authorities.

●        Inspection invitation letter of enterprises.

2/ An inspection request can be sent to one of the following receivers:

●        Inspection department or General Organization and Certificates department at the Company Office

●        Inspection department at branches

●        Heads of local groups/stations

●        Inspectors

3/ How to send your inspection request

●        The request can be sent directly, by fax, email, phone call or website.

●        In our Website (, you can find the inspection request form at Homepage/Support to help clients send their inspection request online.

●        Regarding requests by phone calls, we will record requests and arrange inspectors timely. Clients are required to complete the inspection request form and send us after that.

4/ Required contents of the inspection request form:

Administrative procedures:

– Date, month and year of inspection request must be specified clearly.

– In case of a business organization, the name of legal entity must be indicated; the request form must be signed and sealed by a competent person. The signature and seal may be lacked if there is a recommendation letter of the business organization.

– For foreigners, we accept own printed papers with competent person’s signature of clients.

– For individuals, the request form must indicate address and ID number or driving license number issued by the Police; the request must be signed with the full name of the inspection requestor.

– For clients who signed the inspection contract for the whole work or the whole year: we accept the inspection request without seal if the client registered the signature at first.

The inspection requestor shall fill in the request form; particularly,

– Lot information: Name of goods, number, quantity, packaging, means of transport

– Type of inspection: Specify the information or mark the form required by CAFECONTROL

– Attached documents: Depending on the items requested for inspection, the attached documents may be different; however, there must be enough documents as required to proceed the inspection.

Details requirements:

+ Required documents for lots of goods (commonly applied to all types of inspection): B/L – Bill of Lading; Contract; Letter of Credit (L/C); Packing list – P/L; Invoice.

+ Besides, there are specific documents for each type of inspection, such as: Detailed packing list if the goods are not packed consistently, Weight list if the goods are not packed consistently, Quantity certification of the seller, Sampling and testing result, Quality certificate of the seller, Cargo Outturn Report – COR, Report on Receipt of Cargo – ROROC, Letter of Credit – L/C…

+ Depending on each item of inspection, we will ask the client to provide the appropriate attached documents when conducting the inspection.

+ Enclosed goods sample: If there are enclosed goods sample, please specify: quantity and volume of sample, packing methods, seal and code number of the sample.

+ Location and planned date of the inspection; contact person.

+ Number of inspection certificates to be issued (Vietnamese, other language)

+ Method of payment, bank account number (If the inspection fee is paid in cash before receiving the certificate, the client do not need to provide the account number).

5/ Changes of inspection request when the inspection service is in process:

– In case of any change or supplementation of the main contents of the inspection request during the implementation process, clients shall send us a documented notice or sign to confirm the change/supplementation in the inspection request form.

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