Medicine inspection

Medicine inspection

Medicine inspection

Inspection of medicinal products (Star anise, Cinnamon)

Vietnam is one of the very few countries growing Star anise and Cinnamon.

For a very long time, Cinnamon has been a precious raw material for processing valuable products in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics as well as food indutry. Some famous cinnamon growing areas throughout the country include Tra Mi Cinnamon, Yen Bai Cinnamon, Que Phong Cinnamon and Quang Ninh Cinnamon. The current area of ​​cinnamon tree is about 100,000 hectares and this number is still increasing every year.

In the world today, only Vietnam and China grow Star anise. In our country, Star anise are mainly grown in Lang Son with an area of ​​about 40,000 hectares.

CAFECONTROL with more than 30 years of experience and a team of professional experts and inspectors have accompanied import and export enterprises to bring Star anise and Cinnamon products to the international market with the highest quality…and we has invested laboratories with the increasingly modern standard to provide the better inspection services.

Inspection services:

– Inspection of quantity, weight and quality

– Pre-shipment Inspection

– Supervision of the loading/unloading process

– Inspection of the status of goods, packages, coding, packaging.

– Inspection during production and processing

– Tally of export-import goods.

– Inspection of containers’ status.

– Inspection of goods damages and losses

Analysis and testing services:

– Sample analysis

– Microbial testing

– Chemical testing

– Toxicity testing

– Pesticide and herbicide testing

– Inspection of food safety and hygiene

Fumigation of import and export goods

  1. Agricultural products: Star anise, Cinnamon, Rice, Coffee, Cashew nut, Pepper, livestock feed, bran, instant noodles, wheat flour…
  2. Handicraft (rattan, bamboo, knitting).
  3. Fumigation of furniture and ceramics…

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