16 Jun 2021
15 Jun 2021

Product certification reviews

1. INTRODUCTION CERTIFICATION ACTIVITIES CAFECONTROL’s assessment and certification activities started in 2002 for the UTZ Kapeh standard on coffee farming and processing practices. This is the first type of product assessment and certification in Vietnam. During the development of this new type of service, CAFECONTROL has received absolute support and trust from agencies and organizations:… Continue reading Product certification reviews
06 Jun 2021

Parser service – Try to test

Parser service – Try to test The laboratory of CAFECONTROL was certified according to ISO 17025:2017 (VILAS 851) by the Bureau of Accreditation (BOA), Ministry of Science and Technology. The following are the analysis and testing services of CAFECONTROL: Physical criteria according to the relevant standards mentioned in contracts. Chemical criteria + Toxicity: aflatoxin, ochratoxinA,… Continue reading Parser service – Try to test
05 Jun 2021

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