Rice inspection

Rice inspection

Rice inspection and testing service

CAFECONTROL is a big inspection, testing and certification company in Vietnam with many experiences in agricultural product field. Through 32 years, we have a team of inspectors, analysts and auditors who are experienced and professional in agricultural products as well as a system of laboratory equipped with modern tools and devices.

With inspectors and analysts with high level of professional skills on rice and the modern laboratory, we provide the services on inspecting the quality and weight of rice according to contracts of purchase, sale and export as required by clients.


CAFECONTROL’s services for export rice include:

  1. Rice inspection service:
  • Inspection of rice quality before and during the handling process
  • Inspection of net weight, gross weight and package weight.
  • Pictures of goods are taken during the inspection
  • Tally
  • Supervision of the loading/unloading
  • Inspection of the status of cargo holds (of ships/lighters), containers before loading
  1. Inspection of rice quality in the laboratory:
  • Inspection of the composition of rice, type of rice
  • Chemical – physical analysis
  • Analysis of Amylose content and moisture
  • Milling level
  • Whiteness of rice
  • Purity of aromatic rice
  • Analysis of Alkali, radioactive contamination and GMO.
  • Aflatoxin B1 & B2, G1 & G2.
  • Pesticide residues.
  • Radioactive contamination analysis

Microbial analysis.

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