Van Xuan Roasted Coffee

Van Xuan Roasted Coffee

Van Xuan Roasted Coffee

VẠN XUÂN Coffee – a high-quality product of CAFECONTROL

 100% pure coffee

 Preservative – FREE.

 Fragrance – FREE.

 Additive – FREE.

 Reasonable price.

Based on the background of a company operating in inspection of coffee and agricultural products in many years, we researched and selected coffee beans from clean material sources, ensuring the standard of export coffee beans with typical flavors.

 Towards the pioneering target: “For the Public Health”, raw coffee for production is selected and quality checked before and after roasting by cup-testing experts of CAFECONTROL.

  VAN XUAN Coffee is a wonderful combination of the best quality coffee varieties in Vietnam.

  Come to CAFECONTROL, come to VAN XUAN Coffee to enjoy and feel our perfect cups of coffee!

  We specialize in wholesaling and retailing types of pure roasted coffee; accepting to process coffee products on demand.

—- Hotline: 0913912004 -0913994512

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