Article inspection

Article inspection

Inspection of export cashew kernels and import raw cashew nuts

+ Currently, Vietnam is processing more than 65% of the global raw cashew nut production, 6 times more than the domestic growing volume. The export cashew kernel volume of Vietnam makes up 65% of the global volume (data of 2020 – Vinacas).

+ Being a member of the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas), CAFECONTROL contribute to build the brand of Vietnam Cashew by inspecting the quality of export cashew as required by contracts.

+ With many years of experience in cashew inspection, CAFECONTROL provides objective, accurate, honest and timely results and assessments to clients, helping exporting and processing enterprises improve their product quality and be able to compete in the international market.

+ Applicable standards for raw cashew nuts and cashew kernels:

  • CEPC – Cashew Export Promotion Council – India
  • AFI – Association Food Industry – USA
  • TCVN 4850: 2010
  • UNECN – EU
  • TCVN 12380: 2018 (raw cashew nuts – as reference)

With the brand reputation gained over the years, along with an experienced inspection team who strictly follow the inspection procedure, the volume of cashew kernels and  raw cashew nuts inspected by CAFECONTROL has been increasing, occupying a stable market share in the cashew nut inspection market of Vietnam.

Cashew nut inspection services of CAFECONTROL include:

+ Inspection of quantity, weight and quality and export cashew kernel and import raw cashew nut

+ Sensory testing.

+ Inspection of the status of goods, packages, coding, packaging.

+ Supervision of loading/unloading process

+ Inspection of mortgaged goods.

Analysis of chemical, biological, food safety & hygiene criteria for export cashew kernel:

+ Chemical criteria: Aflatoxin toxicity, pesticide residues: BHC, chlorpyrifors, 2,4_D.., heavy metals (Pb, As, Cd, Hg)…

+ Biological criteria: pathogenic bacteria: coliforms, E.coli, salmonella, staphyloccocus aureus, listeria spp…

Please contact CAFECONTROL for the best consulting, supporting and serving.

+84 8 38207552/ +84 913812626 (zalo, viber, whassap)

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