Disinfection Service

Disinfection Service

Disinfection Service

Throughout 30 years of establishment and development, by the comprehensive investments on both personnel and modern equipment, the fumigation service of CAFECONTROL is capable of meeting most of clients’ demands according to the strictest standards as well as other special fumigation requirements related to phytosanitary.

The team of fumigation experts have university qualifications and are directly trained, tested and certified by the Plant Protection Department. They are also regularly trained to enhance their skills through training sessions provided by domestic and international organizations (Vietnam Fumigation Association, Post-harvest preservation agency, UPL, Syngenta…).

With the team of fumigation experts locating in most ports, industrial zones and other regions across the country, especially in the Southern Key Economic Zone, CAFECONTROL’s fumigation service is always ready to serve all of the following clients’ request as soon as possible:

Fumigation and preservation of goods in stock, outdoor batch of goods, silos, containers… 

Fumigation of vessels and lighters

Fumigation of import and export goods.

Fumigation of import and export shipments.

Fumigation according to Afas standard.

Fumigation of wood pallets and wood dunnage according to ISPM 15

Spraying of antiseptics and pesticides in processing lines and plants.

Provision of dessicants, container liners.

Provision of protection equipment, specialized equipment for fumigation.

Hãy đến với dịch vụ khử trùng của Cafecontrol để bạn cảm nhận được sự chuyên nghiệp và hiệu quả của chúng tôi dành cho bạn.

Choosing the fumigation services of CAFECONTROL to get the best experience from our professional and effectiveness.

For more information, please contact the fumigation department:

Phone No.: 0983.646.630 – Mr. Hữu Đức.


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