Coffee inspection

Coffee inspection

Coffee inspection

CAFECONTROL is one of the top inspection, analysis and certification companies in the agricultural and forest fields of Vietnam market.

Vietnam is one of the world’s largest coffee producer and exporter, especially Robusta coffee. Therefore, Vietnamese exporters as well as foreign importers are very interested and focused on the coffee quality.

Our Company, the Superintendence and Inspection of Coffee and Products for Export and Import Joint Stock Company (CAFECONTROL) is an inspection organization and also a third party to ensure the fairness in verifying the coffee quality between the buyer and the seller.

We provide services on inspection and assessment of the conformity of products to ensure quality, safety regulations and regulations of the competent authorities in accordance with the applicable trends and requirements, ensuring the reputation and brand of clients.

CAFECONTROL provides individual services as well as an integrated service chain for the entire agricultural supply chain, from inspection, test & analysis, auditing, certification and consulting services; in order to support enterprises to ensure the quality as well as safety in each stage of production, storage, transportation, sale & purchase…

CAFECONTROL, with our brand name and extensive experience in inspection, as well as professional experts and inspectors, will help enterprises ensure the quantity, weight and quality in accordance with sale and purchase contracts; also, prove that their raw materials, production procedures and products are in accordance with the national/international/local standards and regulations on safety and quality.

CAFECONTROL commits to provide personalized solutions and help clients receive optimal effectiveness with the most saving cost.

Together with coffee, CAFECONTROL also provide the inspection services for other products:

  • Agricultural products: Rice, Maize,  Dried cassava chips, Beans, Peanut, Sesame, Cashew nut, Pepper, Tea… and other agricultural products, such as Tapioca, Desiccated coconut…
  • Forest products: wood chip…
  • Medicinal products: Star anise, Cinnamon, Essential oil…


– Inspection of quantity, weight and quality of coffee

(Applicable standards: ISO, TCVN, FOLGER, LAVAZZA, LE HARVE… )

– Pre-shipment Inspection

– Supervision of the loading/unloading process

– Inspection of the status of goods, packages, coding, packaging.

– Inspection during production and processing

– Tally of export-import goods.

– Inspection of containers’ status.

– Inspection of goods damages and losses

– Inspection of the coffee quality by cup-testing method


– Sample analysis

– Microbial testing

– Chemical testing

– Toxicity testing

– Pesticide and herbicide testing

– Inspection of food safety and hygiene.

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