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Check product

Types of inspection:

+ Inspection of quantity, volume and quality of goods

+ Physical, chemical and microbial analysis as clients’ request.

+ Inspection of origin, quality, status and packaging before purchase and sale or delivery and receipt.

+ Inspection of the status of goods, containers and holds before loading.

+ Supervision of the loading/unloading of goods, quantity checking, lashing, sealing (tally)

+ Coffee quality assessment by cup-testing.

+ Customer consulting and other services as required. 


Inspection subjects:

  • Agricultural products: Coffee, Cashew nut, Rice, Sticky rice, Pepper, Dried cassava chips, Maize, Beans, Peanut, Sesame… and other agricultural products, such as Tapioca, Desiccated coconut…

  • Forest products: wood products, wood chip for export…

  • Medicinal products: Star anise, Cinnamon, Essential oil…

  • Seafood: Frozen seafood and Dried seafood.

  • Industrial products: Iron, Steel and metal materials…

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